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Our Mission

At Growing Strong Sexual Assault Center, our mission is to provide survivor centered services to survivors of sexual violence, and their significant others. Our Organization determines significant others to be any close friends, family, or partners who have been impacted by the survivors assault. We also educate the community in an effort to end sexual violence and victimization.

Established in 1985, Growing Strong is a not-for-profit organization. Funding is provided by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, and a number of other county and local funders.

All of Growing Strong Sexual Assault Centers services are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL. Being survivor centered, we encourage and help our clients find what is best for them on their healing journey. We understand that the key opponents to any survivors journey is empowerment and confidentiality and that every journey looks different.

Our Services:

We also provide volunteer ship, internships, community events, & activism as an organization.

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