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sexual harassment

this presentation will focuses on defining sexual harassment and indentifying what behaviors are inappropriate.  the presentation includes the procedures to follow if a person is being harassed at school or work.

dating violence: is my relationship healthy or unhealthy?

students will identify positive and negative characteristics in relationships.  warning signs of dangerous relationships are given, and statistics on dating violence are reviewed.  students in a group format play out safe dating strategies and assertive communication.

education = empowerment

this program opens students' eyes to the threat and reality of violence.  provides strategies that are designed for keeping safe at school, on the street and on the internet.  this program empowers students to think about how they act and behave, and then plan in advance how to stay safe.

acquaintance/date rape

through this program, students become aware that almost 80% of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows. this program will examine the myths surrounding sexual assault and increase awareness for safety.

date rape drugs

almost everyone has heard of roofies and ghb, these are the two most prevalent date rape drugs on college campuses. however, what many people don't realize is that there are many others. this presentation educates students about risks and effects of date rape drugs. the program will also address alcohol, the number one date rape drug on campus.

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