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Counseling Information

Our counselors assist victims in their healing process and empower them to make healthy life changes and decisions.

Children ages 4 and up are taught body safety, choices, self-esteem and empowerment through art and play therapy, puppets, healing stories, and sand tray therapy.

Adolescents are encouraged to write journals describing their feelings and to express themselves through art and sand tray therapy. They are guided to set goals and discover their strengths, in service of developing positive self-esteem and self-image.

Adults are encouraged to write journals describing their feelings as they go through the healing process. Via supportive and informative counseling, survivors experience validation of their feelings, and set goals for the future. Feelings are validated and goals are set for the future. Survivors learn to recognize their strengths and develop coping skills.

Partners and family members may also receive counseling to aid them in supporting their loved one’s healing and in dealing with their own feelings resulting from trauma.

Children’s Therapy Room
Teen & Young Adult Group Room
Adult Group Room
Sand Tray Therapy