high school programs

flirting or sexual harassment?

this presentation focuses on defining sexual harassment and indentifying what behaviors are inappropriate.  a behavior card exercise is used, in which students classify different behaviors as flirting, sexual harassment, or both.  the exercise is designed to open dialogue on this topic.  the presentation includes the procedures to follow if a person is being harassed at school or work.

teen dating violence

students will identify positive and negative characteristics in relationships.  warning signs of dangerous relationships are given, and statistics on teen dating violence are reviewed.  students in a group format play out safe dating strategies and assertive communication.

risk reduction

this program opens students' eyes to the threat and reality of violence.  provides strategies that are designed for keeping safe at school, on the street and on the internet.  this program empowers students to think about how they act and behave, and then plan in advance how to stay safe.

media influence on us

students will be asked to look at the influence of the media from advertising, music, television, and movies.  students will be encaged to voice their opinions on this subject.  several exercises will be used to facilitate this program

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