junior high/middle school programs

relationships:  what teens need to know.

this program will address the different relationships that a teen may encounter and be involved in.  we will look at healthy and unhealthy aspects of a relationship.  through the interactive games and surveys students will be able to asses their relationship skills.

is it flirting or hurting:  what is sexual harassment?

the objective of this program is to define the causes, manifestations, and solutions to sexual harassment in a way that encourages teens to discover healthy interpersonal skills.  the presentation will also include the procedures to follow if you are being sexually harassed.

media & me:  the media's influence on us.

this program will help students look at how they view themselves and be able to make a difference between positive and negative self image.  students will explore the influence of media trends, music, magazines, advertising etc. and their effects.  through activities, students will be able to have a better understanding of who they are.

techno crazed:  a closer look at technology today.

this program will look at technology and the effects it has on us today.  students will explore the issue of online and phone-texting bullying as well as procedures to follow to remain safe from online predators.

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