preschool programs

the way i feel

this program will address the different types of feelings people have.  through various activities, students will identify and understand different feelings and how to communicate those feelings to others as well as respecting others and how they feel.

teasing & bullying

through various activities, this program looks at the different types of bullying & teasing done in and outside of school.  students will learn what to do when witnessing bullying as well as when being bullied.  students will also be able to identify how being confident in oneself can help reduce bullying.

it's all about me

this program encompasses a variety of topics.  students will learn to respect their bodies and recognize their needs.  students will also learn that their feelings are important and how to communicate them to others.  by means of discussion, the students will be able to identify positive decision making skills and learn that everyone makes mistakes.

body safety

this program teaches students to say no, get away, and tell someone.  students will be able to identify the differences between good touches, hurtful touches, and uncomfortable “uh-oh” touches as well as where these types of touches can occur on the body.

stranger danger

in this program, students will learn what a stranger is and that even friendly strangers can still be dangerous strangers.  students will also learn procedures to follow and what to do when confronted by a stranger.

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