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Auxiliary Member

Auxiliary members help GS Staffers organize, promote, and run fundraising events.

Volunteer Advocate

Volunteer advocates must complete 40 hours of training in accordance with ICASA standards. They must be 18 years of age and committed to the support of sexual assault survivors. Training teaches crisis intervention skills for covering the hotline, and the role of the volunteer advocate at hospitals and law enforcement centers. Trainings are held twice a year.

Hotline and Medical Advocacy: Volunteers cover the hotline on evenings, weekends, and holidays from their own locations. They provide emotional support and information to survivors, their family members, and their friends. Volunteers covering the hotline are occasionally called to respond to a survivor at the hospital or law enforcement center. When this happens, the volunteer

  • arrives at the hospital or law enforcement center within 30 minutes of the call
  • asks the survivor’s permission to speak with them
  • provides information relevant to medical procedures and the criminal justice process
  • provides emotional support
  • communicates with family members and significant others
  • makes needed referrals

Volunteer Prevention Educator

Volunteer prevention educators complete additional training beyond the initial 40 hours required of volunteer advocates, in order to prepare them to offer Growing Strong prevention programs to schools and community groups. Prevention Educators

  • Introduce GS programming to groups ranging from pre-school to adult
  • Ready handouts to give to participants
  • Present video content
  • Lead discussions about the content
  • Offer emotional support and referral to Growing Strong to individuals who choose to disclose an experience with sexual assault after attending a presentation


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