volunteer qualifications

  • commitment to and supportive of sexual assault/abuse victims
  • be at least 18 years of age



growing strong sexual assault center offers two types of volunteering opportunities.


helps with fundraising

the requirements for this type of volunteer is a willingness to devote time helping organize, promote, and participate in fundraising events.
events include:

  • raffles
  • golf outing
  • gift gallery

volunteer advocate

a volunteer advocate must complete 40 hours of training in accordance of icasa standards.   during which they will learn crisis intervention skills for covering the hotline and what is expected of a volunteer advocate at hospitals and law enforcement centers.

hotline: it is covered from the privacy of your own home on evenings/weekends, and holidays.  you choose the rotation that fits your schedule.   responsibilities include providing emotional support and information to survivors, family members, and friends.

medical advocacy:  while covering the hotline you may be called to respond to a victim at the hospital or law enforcement center.


  • arrive at the hospital or law enforcement center within 30 minutes of the call
  • ask victim’s permission to speak with them
  • provide information relevant to medical procedures and the criminal justice process
  • provide emotional support
  • provide intervention with family members and significant others when needed
  • make needed referrals

volunteer qualifications:

  • commitment to and supportive of sexual assault/abuse victims
  • be at least 18 years of age 

volunteer application procedures:

  • contact growing strong sexual assault center
  • an application will be mailed out including a self addressed stamped envelope
  • upon receipt of application
    • applicants name will be placed on the interested volunteer advocate list
    • background check will be submitted for approval
    • applicants will be informed in a timely manner of upcoming training dates and times

volunteer advocate trainings are held twice a year.

thank you for your interest in making a commitment to becoming an essential tool in helping victims heal.