our mission

growing strong's mission is to provide counseling, therapy and support to victims of sexual assault (ages 4 & up) and their significant others. our primary goal is to help you recover from your experience.

what to do after an assault

1. call the growing strong 24-hour help line (217-428-0770) for immediate information, resources, crisis intervention, and support. victims and their family and friends are urged to call.

2. call the police, or go directly to the hospital.

3. preserve the evidence by:

  • not showering, bathing, or drinking anything.
  • not changing clothes.
  • not cleaning or touching objects at the scene of the crime.

4. try to recall details of the event and of the attacker's appearance, height, clothes, words, etc.

5. rely on growing strong for counseling, legal and medical advocacy, and support.


no one asks to be sexually assualted. the victim is never at fault.